LED Min Max Table Game Signs

Our illuminated min max table game signs, clearly display your table minimum and maximum table bets for your customers.  The laser etched face plate can feature your property logo or any other image and or text of your choice.  Table minimums and maximums can quickly and easily be adjusted by casino floor staff in seconds.  Product color options, flexibility of denominations, messages, programming, durability and warranty make these signs a casino floor favorite.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy install to your tables
  • Select up to 15 presets each for minimum and maximum bets
  • Minimum and maximum bet can be viewed from the back of the unit for staff
  • Optional scrolling marquee allows for the display of additional information and or marketing messages
  • Choice between 8 color LED options
  • Custom Post Mounts available
  • Choice of Sun Gold or  Black Matte finishes
  • Power Supply is included
  • 5 year warranty on electronics

Craps Table Min Max Table Game Signs

Craps Table Game Signs are mounted differently than the post mount table signs.  Examples of Craps Table Game Signs below:

Full Assortment of ILLUMIGLOW Min Max Table Game Signs.  Easy to program Min and Max denominations, along with multi color background choices.

Programming is easily accessed on the back panel. User friendly one-touch buttons.  View denominations on the back panel.

Floor personnel can change game denominations on the move in under a minute to accommodate player activity.


Have product questions?  Call and ask for John D. Today at 702-808-0965   for your order quantities needed and pricing.  We ship fast anywhere in the USA.

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