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Roulette Table

Casino Supplies and Services, Inc. is a large supplier of Roulette Tables in the USA.  Roulette Wheels are obtained from various casino properties in Las Vegas.  Customers can purchase used as-is Roulette Tables complete.

Also, table accessories are available at an additional cost.  Refreshing your Roulette Table with a Custom layout can give it that special finishing touch.

A large Selection of Wheels are Available!  Standard features on roulette tables are thick padded rails, high-quality graphic layouts, and solid wooden bases that you would expect from real casino games.

Unique chips are used to play on Roulette Tables.  These chips are very different from other casino table games.  Chip denominations vary as well. Each player has a different color chip. Dealers have the ability to track the action and pay the appropriate players who win the hand.

A machine known as the Chipper Champ sorts all the roulette chips in stacks so to speed up the game without having another dealer on the game.  Learn more about Roulette Table betting if you currently aren’t a Roulette Player.

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Casino Supplies and Services, Inc. and Casino Man Cave take pride in providing the best customer service to our clients.  We handle all phases of the process for our clients. From our warehouse to your front door, you can be assured you are getting the best product the way you ordered it.

Check our Testimonials, we are customer-service driven and extremely knowledgeable in the gaming industry.  Casino Supplies and Services, Inc. has strong relationships will all the casinos large and small to provide our customers with authentic casino table games and equipment from all over the USA.