LCD Minimum Maximum Table Limit Display

LCD Minimum Maximum Media Table Limit Display

In 2018 Casino Supplies and Services Inc. (Css from Las Vegas Nevada introduced a new LCD Minimum Maximum Media Table Limit Display to the casino industry.

LCD Minimum Maximum Media Table Limit Display
Model CSSLCD08 Table Game Min Max Limit Media Display

This new LCD Minimum Maximum Media Table Limit Display is moving fast into the casino industry and replacing earlier designs of an LCD Minimum Maximum Table Limit Displays. The former displays were designed on a digital picture frame platform.  Since January 2018 the new design has sold over 1500 units to 6 major Las Vegas Strip casinos; including casinos in New York, Washington State, Louisiana, Illinois, Mississippi, California and Cruise Lines, as well as casinos in other parts of the United States.

The model number CSSLCD8 sleek design offers a water and dust proof 8 inch touchscreen monitor,  which allows you to change the minimum and maximum bets by simply touching the front screen command box. In addition, media files can easily be uploaded via a secure account and link, which allows you to upload media in PNG, JPEG format as well as MP4 videos.

Casino supplies and services makes the installation very easy, including all your table game names and rules to your account. This makes each unit universal, so once installed you simply go to the menu choose the game and the title and rules are already listed. Once the account is updated the unit easily downloads the content using a Wi-Fi or direct Ethernet connection. The standard mounting bracket allows you to install the unit through the table.  Table top mount or outside table bracket installation kits are available by request. CSS offers a two year warranty for the CSSLCD8.

The technology, functionality and appearance of the new unit is so user friendly, we anticipate many more casinos around the country replacing their older models. The simplicity of connecting to an ethernet connection and not using a small remote, pressing buttons  or inserting SD cards into the unit makes this new product a sure winner . This product offering is one of the top limit signs offered in the casino industry. In addition to the 8 inch standard size, a 10 inch unit is being offered only by request with a minimum order quantity required.

After reviewing the Limit Displays on the market new and old, this product is looking like a leader from all positions for the casino.  Reach out to Casino Supplies and Services Inc. with any questions or to place an order.